About Me

Yaron Reinharts

I wrote my first application when I was about 16, it was a simple Space Invaders written in Basic and it was executed on my brother's Commodore 64
I studied Electronics at school, but did my B.A. in Haifa's University in Economics (graduated with honor). During my studies and the following years I spent most of my free time scuba diving, mostly as a fisherman and a diving instructor.
However, I never left the computer area, I was the 'go to guy' for everyone who knew me for everything related to computers. I had one of the first XT machine in Israel,
I used this XT to improve my programming skills and to acquire a deeper understanding of how computers work. I developed Lotus 1-2-3 sheets for my own use and for my friends; I developed an application for my diving center which was used for over 10 years. Magic, Pascal, Borland C, I was there all the time. My rich background in electronics, my passion to solve problems in general and logic problems in particular helped me to keep my passion for computer science. When I decided to end that career (when I got married LOL) I thought that I could make a new career out of my other hobby.

I have been working in the software business for over 15 years, the last 12 years (till 2011) I spent working for IBM.
I have had many titles: Software Engineer, Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect. I think titles are over estimated, the title is not important, what's important is what you do.
Most of my time in IBM I used to fix broken softwares. The challenge is huge, you have to analyze a piece of software which you didn't write, understand and improve the delivery mechanism and the testing mechanism other teams use.

The average time for such project is two years so I came across many technologies such as Instant Messaging and Awareness, SIP, Text to Speech, Text Search, Classification and many others.
I also had a chance to study many programming languages (such as C, C++, Java, C#...) development methodologies (Agile, OOP, Extreme...) scripting language (Perl, Python, Linux Shell...), Content Management Systems (SVN, Clear Case, CMVC...) Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, AIX...) and Web technologies (Servlets , WebSphere , J2EE , ...).

I decided to leave IBM in mid 2011 and take a year off. This gives me enough time to explore new technologies (Android, PHP, Joomla) and to develop some applications for myself.

Today I'm using Eclipse to develop Java applications for Android and PHP based sites.